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Pitney Bowes Software & Data is now Precisely!

Precisely, the global leader in data integrity was launched on May 14, 2020, as the result of Syncsort's acquisition of the Pitney Bowes software and data business in December.

Visit us at precisely.com

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Latest Posts

  • Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    Hi Stefan, We are making changes to Coordinate System selection dialog in version 2021.1 and it will have ability to search coordinate systems by name/EPSG. It will also have ability to setup favorite projections and will remember recently used coordinate ...

  • Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    Thanks for trying! I just checked the Microsoft Store and it indicates the app is available in 241 countries including Germany. Also, several people have acquired and/or installed the app in Germany. So I am guessing it is there... somewhere... I am ...

  • Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    Hi Sam, thanks for your hint and the screenshots look promising (embarrassing for precisely i would say), - but maybe you use a different Microsoft store, but mine, here in germany, doesn't know about your Projection Explorer. Search reveals no results, ...

  • Profile Picture

    RE: Coordinatesystems in MiPro

    Posted in: MapInfo Pro

    Hi Stephan, You would be just the right man to review my "Projection Explorer" app on the Windows Store! It is just a demo, and it is free. Download it from the Windows Store by searching for "Projection Explorer" by Roberts Geospatial Engineering. ...

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