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  • The audit log has to be generated from the CLI. Our client would like to have this log continuously (and add the log file to Splunk) or at the very least generated hourly. They want to use it to monitor admin activity for security reasons. Is there a ...

  • I just did the update and in the download for SSA there is this list. It works quite well. We have a new look and feel! (mostly uses Precisely branding) Uploading Data (including tab) Customize the Label text Enhancement to Address Search There is https://docs.precisely.com/docs/sftw/analyst/20.1/en/webhelp/user-guide/index.html  ...

  • Is it possible to use Google Analytics in SSA? It seems like all we need to do is to add the following but where should this go? <mat-expansion-panel-header class="mat-expansion-panel-header mat-focus-indicator ng-tns-c47-24 ng-star-inserted mat-expansion-toggle-indicator-before ...

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