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  • I just did the update and in the download for SSA there is this list. It works quite well. We have a new look and feel! (mostly uses Precisely branding) Uploading Data (including tab) Customize the Label text Enhancement to Address Search There is https://docs.precisely.com/docs/sftw/analyst/20.1/en/webhelp/user-guide/index.html  ...

  • Is it possible to use Google Analytics in SSA? It seems like all we need to do is to add the following but where should this go? Global Site Tag (gtag.js) Copy and paste this code as the first item into the  <head>  of every ...

  • Hi just to share an update on this : by restarting Spectrum service, the warning messages finally disappear Increasing the memory of the server seems to help also We have not really identified the root cause ------------------------------ Giang ...

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