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Pitney Bowes Software Inc.
United States


Principal QA Engineer on MapInfo Professional\MapBasic\MIRaster  products. Agile testing of numerous features in MapInfoPro (x64),and MIRaster (x64) used for location intelligence (GIS) and Grid and Raster spatial analysis products. Created & managed varied test automation suites using MapBasic (with .Net Extensibility) , Python, and C#\CodedUI. Specialty areas of testing are Raster and Grid operations, map projections and coordinate systems, Spatial data translations, Object processing, Unicode, Tools, and UX testing.
Mentor junior QA Software engineers, perform code reviews, and manage multiple automated testing suites and a testing laboratory and have been working as part of an agile team on flagship product for MapInfo, PB Software, and Precisely for more than 24 years.

Specialties: GIS, Raster Image Processing, Grid-Based Operations, Data Translations, Projections and Coordinate systems, spatial data operations and object processing, advanced MapBasic programming, Unicode data, and Integrated Mapping, Tools, UI Automation, Printing , and Import\Export operations.

I am an Army veteran  (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) who decided  to become a software engineer specializing in GIS  basically because I love maps.  In my free time I enjoy fly fishing and kayaking in the  Adirondack mountains, restoring old bamboo fly rods,  fly tying, woodworking, and converting good craft beer to water.  :-)