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Neena Priyanka has 10+ years of experience in Geospatial Industry. She is doctorate in geospatial modelling and is International Business graduate hence possess industrial skill-set and business acumen together. Neena Priyanka is top-performing Product Owner who builds strong liaison between Product Management and development team to ensure a transparent and productive workflow environment that enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth. She is a certified scrum master as well and possess excellent negotiation, communication, presentation, interpersonal & analytical skills. She is passionate about client centric product development. Neena Priyanka possess excellent research communications skills to write Patents, Technical Papers, Blogs and Articles for various geospatial community. She is actively engaged in socializing products through various channels like Webinars, Conferences, and Summits.

Neena Priyanka is critical thinker, self-motivated, and has the ability to deal with ambiguity. She possess strong technical background, is detail oriented, have excellent problem solving abilities, and is an exemplary communicator. She is a quick learner with a positive attitude and a thirst to learn and adapt to new environment. Neena Priyanka is passionate about delivering a great customer experience, and love contributing to a team goal.