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Posted By Chris Wareham 05-22-2023 04:59
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Hi I am trying to load the 'Public Rights of Way' or 'Public Rights of Way (with labels)' layers from the WMS, using the projection EPSG:27700. I am using MapXtreme, which is embedded in our Confirm® software. The map layer is centred around Stafford, England, ...
Posted By Chris Wareham 03-22-2023 06:16
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Hi Nick You were right.  I loaded another layer and zoomed to the area covered by the WMS before adding it.  I could then see the data I wanted and, as expected, got the 'No overlay dataset available' warning with I zoomed out far enough. Thanks Chris ------------------------------ Chris ...
Posted By Chris Wareham 03-20-2023 11:30
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Hi A client sent me a WMS URL they want to use in MapXtreme which is embedded in our product.  When I zoom to the area for the WMS data, the app crashes.  Using the same WMS in MI Pro I get the error 'The server issue the following exception: No overlay dataset available'.  MI Pro does not crash but ...