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  • 1.  XD01 Warning Message

    Posted 27 days ago


    I have a request to create a XD01 script to create online user account and I can't get pass the pop-up message. I have no issue creating the user in the debug mode with an enter / OK. How to get pass this pop up warning message? I have attached the quick note given to me and my script. any help would be appreciated.

    Vani TarajuNaidu
    Master Data Analyst
    The Wolf Organization LLC
    Pennsylvania PA


  • 2.  RE: XD01 Warning Message

    Posted 2 days ago

    Hi Kalaivani,

    If the popup message you're referring to is the "Reference account group is WDC Sold-to party" warning, then it doesn't look like this pop-up is mapped in your script. I would suggest to either re-record and make sure this popup displays during recording so your script knows how to handle it or you can record a separate XD01 script with this popup displayed and then copy/paste the popup screen from that script to your original right after line 11 for the "Division" field:

    I would also recommend adding the "Skip Screen if Not Present" feature for this screen in case this popup does not show for other account types:

    Happy Automating!


    Knavis McGowan

    Knavis McGowan
    Master Data Specialist