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  • 1.  version 3.10 is extremely slow

    Posted 11-22-2022 04:13
    Hi team!

    Windows Server 2012 over VirtualBox VM (Mac OS as a host): Memory base: 8 GB - 4 CPU
    Data360 Analyze pro with Automation

    I was working with D360 3.6 version without any performance incident. Since I installed the 3.10 version I have been having several performance problems:
    - too much time for charge the node configuration panel (10-15 sg)
    - too much time for drag a new node into the canvas 
    - freeze window several times (more than 30 sg)
    - etc. etc.

    When I leave the windows. close Chrome and restart the D360 services, all start to works in an acceptable way... but after 10 minutes woriking, the problems rise again.

    Some body have had performance problems with this version??
    Any idea to solve or improve it?


    Soporte LAE

  • 2.  RE: version 3.10 is extremely slow

    Posted 11-23-2022 10:12
    We are seeing "An unexpected error has occurred. Please notify your administrator. Error: this IndexWriter is closed" regularly, causing us to reboot. 

    Marisa Macho
    Principal Life Insurance Group
    Des Moines IA

  • 3.  RE: version 3.10 is extremely slow

    Posted 11-24-2022 08:25
    Hi Marisa, for us - this particular error usually happens when we run out of disk space on the disk with the "temporary execution" area.
    For our flows they can consume a lot of space very quickly especially, when a few flows run at the same time, so we try to keep 100GB more than we need at any moment. 

    Good luck.

    Peter Sykes
    Vontobel Holding AG

  • 4.  RE: version 3.10 is extremely slow

    Posted 11-24-2022 10:40
    You indicate you are using Windows Server 2012 OS and mention Automation so I assume you have the Data360 Analyze Windows Server product installed in the VM. 

    For release 3.10.1 the Data360 Analyze Server installation guide and Release Notes document state:

    The minimum hardware specification is as follows:
    - 32GB minimum (Web Server - 12GB, Database server - 8GB,
      Execution Server - 4GB base + 2GB per core)
    - Minimum 4 cores for a server instance

    Please also note the supported platforms for the Data360 Analyze Server edition v.3.10.1 are:
    - Windows Server Core 2019
    - Windows Server 2019 (Desktop Experience)
    - Windows Server 2016 64-bit (Server with Desktop Experience)
    - RedHat Enterprise 7.X 64-bit
    - RedHat Enterprise 8.X 64-bit

    Windows Server 2012 is not a supported platform for the 3.10.x version of the product.

    Adrian Williams
    Precisely Software Inc.
    Naperville IL

  • 5.  RE: version 3.10 is extremely slow

    Posted 12-13-2022 06:39
    I'm using Wndows 10, with 16 GB of RAM and it happens to me the same. The same you close browser and open and work well for a few minutes.
    Version 3.10.1 

    Clemente Quintana

  • 6.  RE: version 3.10 is extremely slow

    Posted 12-05-2022 10:04
    I have seen this as well.  What I've discovered is that I can close out the browser completely and then reopen it to the same URL and then it operates well again for awhile.

    Ernest Jones
    Precisely Software Inc.

  • 7.  RE: version 3.10 is extremely slow

    Posted 04-26-2023 06:17

    One suggestion is to turn off the Smart Guides feature in the Designer drop down menu under View > Smart Guides. This feature can sometimes cause the application to perform poorly.

    Mark Waters
    Precisely Software Inc.