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  • 1.  Swedish encoding

    Posted 05-17-2023 05:33

    Hello, i have a static data node with Swedish chars. Then going into a transform to create true/false outputs. My code is :

    My in data (in1.color) contains "röd" but the output from this transform node produces a False instead of True for "röd".

    Henrik B
    E.ON Sverige

  • 2.  RE: Swedish encoding

    Posted 05-17-2023 11:13

    What is the data type assigned to the 'color' field in the Static Data node?It should be unicode instead of string as your value contains non-ASCII values.
    If it was set to string data type your comparison statement in the Transform node is comparing the set of ASCII characters that comprise "röd" against the unciode characters for röd"  - they are not the same value.

    When the data type is set to unicode the comparison will generate a True output.

    Also, for new projects we recommend you use the Create Data node instead of the Static Data node. The Static Data node is deprecated. 

    Adrian Williams
    Precisely Software Inc.