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  • 1.  Precisely Spectrum – 2020.1 S65 Patch Notification - Linux CASS O patch

    Posted 06-26-2023 18:46


    Precisely announces the release of patch 2020.1 S65 for Spectrum Technology Platform. This new patch provides an update to the 2020.1 version.

    This is a required update that should be applied as soon as possible. The details of the updates are contained within the release notes.  

    Highlights of this patch

    This patch release has the following updates:

    ·        Spectrum 20.1 UAM CASS Cycle-O changes.

    ·        New input and output options are added to UI for Delivery Point Validation (DPV).

    ·        CASS extension date is extended to 2032.

    ·        A new output field ValidZipFlag has been added as an enhancement to indicate whether the ZIP code is valid or not (Y or N).

    Software and Release Notes Links 

    2020.1 S65 patch downloads

    Click on the appropriate link for your platform to download and open the *.zip file for your version.

    ·        Download the 2020.1 S65 Windows patch

    ·        Download the 2020.1 S65 Red Hat Linux patch

    ·        Download the 2020.1 S65 SUSE Linux patch

    View the 2020.1 S65 patch release notes

    Contact Information

    If you would like technical assistance, please contact the Precisely Global Support team at http://support.precisely.com or by telephone at 800.367.6950.

    Shannon Gatley
    Precisely Software Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Precisely Spectrum – 2020.1 S65 Patch Notification - Linux CASS O patch

    Posted 06-27-2023 13:33

    I installed S65 today and downloaded installed the new US address databases from data.precisely.com, all of them released today (DPV Split, LACSLink, SuiteLink, UAM US). Now in Management Console my USA Coding Engine, USA Master Database, and USA SuiteLink Database expiration dates are all Jun 27, 2023 (today's date). Is anyone else having this issue? Has anyone had sucess with S65 in 2020.1 and the new UAM databases released today?

    I already submitted a help ticket with Precisely -- just wanted to ping the community.

    Dave Carlson

  • 3.  RE: Precisely Spectrum – 2020.1 S65 Patch Notification - Linux CASS O patch

    Posted 06-27-2023 16:31

    Thanks to Precisely support for a quick response. I had downloaded and installed the wrong database versions. I had downloaded Version 2019.1.0 of each dataset, as I had done in the past. What I needed to do was go to Past Versions (?!) in data.precisely.com and download the following:

    DPV Split version 13.0.0

    LACSLink version 13.0.0

    SuiteLink version 13.0.0

    UAM US Database version 5.0.0

    Again, we're running Spectrum version 2020.1. I just wanted to share this in case it helps others.

    Dave Carlson