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  • 1.  ME31K Recording to create Contract with services

    Posted 11-08-2023 14:23
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    Hi All, I have searching for example or tips with ME31K recording.  The contracts will contain a variable number of lines.  Each line will have a variable number of services and each service will have 1 account assignment each.  The part I'm struggling with is now to create loop on the Service specifications screen.  Does anyone have any experience with a recording for this or any suggestions?  I"m attaching copy of the screen that I need help with.  Thank you.

    Laurel Chung
    ERP Developer/Analyst

  • 2.  RE: ME31K Recording to create Contract with services

    Posted 11-08-2023 15:32

    Hi Laurel

    We really like for you to attempt to create something and then share it and exactly where you're lost. 

    But to get you started, I'm sharing one I created in ECC.

    It is an MK (not WK) document, uses regular materials, and a WBS element + GL Account for the account assignment.  

    It will show you the looping.  Basically it's 

    that's the end of my loop.

    Hope that helps,


    Sigrid Kok
    Precisely Software Inc.