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  • 1.  JDBC Store

    Posted 11-28-2022 12:41
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    I a trying to store data in an SQL server using the JDBC store node.
    I would like to make it dynamic and not insert the parameters manually but by using details from a previous node.

    When trying to use the input fields feature; somehow the system does not recognize this.
    Anyone experienced the same problem already? Or knows how to fix it?


    Jonas Sinnaeve
    Data Trust Associates

  • 2.  RE: JDBC Store

    Posted 01-11-2023 04:53
    The value for the DB Store node's DbTable property must be a literal value, or a (Data Flow/ Run/ Container/ Local Property reference) - you cannot use the value in one of the node's input fields. 

    You may want to investigate using the Execute Data Flow Node to run a 'child' data flow that contains the JDBC Store functionality. The value for the DbTable property could be passed into the child data flow as a run property. See the 'Node help' > 'Interfaces and Adapters' > 'Execute Data Flow' topic in your Help documentation. The actual data to be stored could be saved in a temporary (.brd) file by the 'parent' data flow and the filename could also be passed into the child data flow as a run  property. 

    Adrian Williams
    Precisely Software Inc.