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  • 1.  CS02 - Shuttle stalls in loop

    Posted 12-29-2023 08:16


    I am trying to update BOMs by adding components. Shuttle stalls in the loop of the second component on the 2nd subscreen (the text one). Have no data to input on this screen, but the OK code flips from /00 to =ERFA, which I believe is the hit "new entries" button on the item overview screen.

    Have tried flipping the recording mode from Standard (non Batch with SAP controls) to Non-batch with SAP controls, Batch and Standard (Batch)

    I'm on version 20.3.1 , GUI 800 patch 5. Previous MM01, MM02, CA01, CO02, C223, ME11 and ME01 shuttles have worked.

    My shuttle file and step by step screenshots are attached if anyone has any input. Thank you!

    Megan O'Leary
    Zero Motorcycles
    Scotts Valley CA


    CS02_Edit_BOM.xlsx   5 KB 1 version
    Shuttle step by step.docx   480 KB 1 version

  • 2.  RE: CS02 - Shuttle stalls in loop

    Posted 01-01-2024 09:07
    Edited by Sailesh Patel 01-01-2024 09:10

    Looking at your excel file and the error message, it appears that the Material  (component) 10000125-01-F94 does not exist at Plant US10 and thus your script is lost on what to do on the 2nd component 2nd subscreen – where it stalls . Verify that all component exists at the plant before running the script again.

    You could also try to create a BOM manually and see it stall on the 2nd component and look at the any message at the bottom left of the of the sub screen

    Material 10000125-01-F94 not maintained in plant US10

    Sailesh Patel
    Data Steward
    Swagelok Company

  • 3.  RE: CS02 - Shuttle stalls in loop

    Posted 01-01-2024 19:01

    Thank you, Sailesh. I also noticed the component missing from quality system and removed it from the test. I was able to get the script working by changing the recording mode after all. Appreciate you taking a look at this!

    Megan O'Leary
    Zero Motorcycles
    Scotts Valley CA

  • 4.  RE: CS02 - Shuttle stalls in loop

    Posted 01-02-2024 17:42

    Glad it's working, Megan, and thanks Sailesh, for jumping in.

    BOM's are best automated in Batch recording mode.  The screens may be a bit different if you see them in debug mode, but otherwise, it's pretty seamless.

    Please note that the screens that will appear, and the order, may be different based on Item Category.  

    There is an example of a CS02 in the SAP Module Templates community here:    Please note you have to join the community to view the templates.

    Best Regards & Happy New Year!


    Sigrid Kok
    Precisely Software Inc.