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  • 1.  Creating folders on the server

    Posted 08-31-2022 11:33
    Hi All,

    I was wondering, when I upload a file into Data360 server, I only have 2 choices : my own folder or the public folder accessible to all users.

    Is it possible to create a folder where I can put permissions to certains users regarding the files. I know it's possible for dataflow management, but it is possible for file management?



    Kylian Matondo
    Orange SA

  • 2.  RE: Creating folders on the server

    Posted 10-05-2022 12:31
    Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to provide permissioned access to data files for different teams/individuals on the same Data360 Analyze server instance. This functionality is covered by the "Shared Service - Data Repository" item on the Data360 Analyze roadmap. The intention is to deliver the Shared Service - Data Repository functionality in a future release of the product in 2023.

    Adrian Williams
    Precisely Software Inc.
    Naperville IL