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  • 1.  Assets with the same name but belonging to different Data Domains

    Posted 08-19-2022 02:33

    Assume you define the Data Domains in such a way that you allow the organization to manage data autonomously with the least coupling with other Data Domains. The definition of these Data Domains are driven by Bounded Context (inspired from Domain-driven Design and Data Mesh).


    Finance talks about Customer, from his own perspective. Marketing talks about Customer from another perspective.

    Nevertheless, they both want to define the Business Term "Customer" that is very own to each Data Domain. Note that it means that there are two Business Terms with identical key: the name Customer

    My question: Can both Data Domains define Customer and make it unique by the relationship to Data Domain?
    Precisely's answer is: Have a naming convention in the name of your Business Term.

    I don't believe that a naming convention helps.

    Why? Bad Data User Experience (DUX)

    • It is confusing.

    • It makes things difficult, instead of simple.

    • It increases the hurdles of adopting Data Governance even higher.

    @Sam Darmo logged an enhancement request via an Idea here:
    Assets with the same name but belonging to different | Precisely Ideas

    ​Thank you @Sam Darmo! 😊

    @Sven Roepke, @Matthew Kennedy, @Zahid Kamal, @Lucien Culot, @Jurij Doerr, @Stefan Brandmeier @Damien Marichal - Please vote for this Idea, if you believe it matters to you.

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    P.S.  If you haven't read it yet, I recommend to read the book "Data Mesh", written by Zhamak Dehghani.

    Ivan Anckaert
    Elia System Operator

  • 2.  RE: Assets with the same name but belonging to different Data Domains

    Posted 08-22-2022 11:06
    One of the ways we have tried to tackle this kind of situation is to create a separate domain at the enterprise level. We are calling it 'data governance' in D360 Govern. The DG domain contains any business term which is not fully fit into one of the business/functional domains or touches multiple business processes.

    DG-lead with the 'working group' maintains 'soft' ownership of this domain. This domain includes any metrics and modifiers.

    Not the best possible way but an option we have used

    Regards,  Zahid

    Zahid Kamal
    Van Wert OH