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  • Hello, Since this morning, I've got a problem with the bing map : Road, Aerial or Hybrid. Nothing appear at the screen for my users, no error but just a white screen and the data of the project are correct. The only way to see the base map is to connect ...

  • Hi Maria,  Are running Spectrum/SSA v2020.1?  My understanding is that the EPSG7844 projection is not supported in SSA v2020.1 but EPSG7842 is. Precisely support confirmed to me that EPSG7844 and EPSG7842 are essentially the same.  In order to resolve ...

  • Hello. Anyone come across this error while uploading a layer with thematics to Spectrum Spatial, using the Map Uploader? The Tab file coord system is GDA2020 epsg:7844, so I'm a bit confused as to why it's not recognising it? Could it be a units problem, ...

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