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How location intelligence can help you select ideal location for your properties for investment/living?

  • 1.  How location intelligence can help you select ideal location for your properties for investment/living?

    Posted 05-02-2019 09:15
    Edited by neena priyanka 05-02-2019 09:21

    Responsible Property Investing (RPI) involves real estate investments which examines property, and its associated asset management activities which help manage associated risks and opportunities and benefits both investors and the common good which goes beyond legal compliances.

    Real Estate investment choice for a location begins by analysing bigger trends such as population, demographics, to local contributing attributes such as neighbourhood characteristics, street connectivity (walkability, traffic volume, and proximity to transportation), distance to destinations, safety and crime rates etc.  The most important step is how to analyse these relationships and present to the prospects.

    At local levels, various studies have suggested that walkable places may produce a variety of environmental and social benefits for property selection either for living or investment. Benefits can be multifold for investors as people preferences to such walkable properties due to less air pollution, auto use, and gasoline consumption, greater physical activity, community cohesion, social activities etc. is growing. Researches have also found that distance to routine destinations, such as grocery stores, eating places, banks, shopping places, has become determinants of urban land values when compared to other social, transportation and aesthetic features. So, the question lies what attributes and analysis could be helpful in selecting excellent location for the investment that the end customer will love, and the economics will benefit.

    At Pitney Bowes, our GeoEnrichment data portfolio provides millions of locations that accurately capture residential properties, commercial entities, and mixed landuse values alike.

    GeoEnrichment Property Attributes Data

    GeoEnrichment – Crime Risk and Neighbourhood Boundary LI Data

    We also realize that there is more to a selection of properties than just accurate location. Each GeoEnrichment variants – property attributes, crime, demographics, geodemographics, features one or more supporting tables that are flushed with information from which entities such as location preferences, local characteristics etc. can be derived which could help select ideal location of properties for investment/living. Besides, location intelligence data such as neighbourhood, traffic, streets connectivity depict entities that provide unique value proposition for decision making.

    Dr Neena Priyanka
    Pitney Bowes Software India PVT. Ltd