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  • 1.  Trigger Analyze workflows from Govern

    Posted 04-06-2022 02:52

    Hi Team,

    I have raised this one before but given my recent reading the Analyze CLI, I thought I would ask it again.

    Could it in future be possible to trigger an Analyze workflow from an action or workflow from within Govern.

    For example an asset having its status updated would start a govern workflow with a HTTP node that would send the Analyze workflow name to an end point that would call a "Run Now" on the given workflow.

    It feels like we are very close to having something like this working and I know for a fact it would saves lots of API calls of schedules workflows that check for updates if we could set the workflow to ONLY be called when an update was made.

    You thoughts would very much be welcomed.




  • 2.  RE: Trigger Analyze workflows from Govern

    Posted 04-07-2022 02:24

    I understand that following your previous request the following Govern enhancement requests were created/ tagged with you as a client:

    GOV-15452 - Relationship/Responsibility/Ownership Changes can be a Trigger for Workflows

    Allow a workflow to be triggered based upon:
    1. Change in a specified responsibility
    2. Change in ownership of the asset
    3. Change in a specified relationship (i.e. relationship, added, removed or updated)

    GOV-4378 - Notification when owner is added

    Allow a workflow to be triggered when an owner is added or changed. This is to be able to send notifications to responsible or interested parties that an owner has been added or changed.


    The impact of the above Govern enhancements would be to obviate the need to run one or more Analyze data flows to check for changes to assets in Govern, hence reducing the number of API calls from Analyze to Govern.

    These enhancement items are currently in review by the Eng team but there is no scheduled timefame for their delivery.