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Using the free credits for the online geocoder in MapInfo Pro

  • 1.  Using the free credits for the online geocoder in MapInfo Pro

    Posted 01-10-2019 10:38
    Edited by Chris Jenkins 01-11-2019 05:23
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    Many users will already know that MapInfo Pro can geocode addresses to a coordinate pair to give an address an accurate map location.  This has been done using address lists and an address look up table containing the locations names and their x,y coordinates.  In order for this to work the user must have access to this look up reference data.  In many cases the reference data can either be incomplete, out of date or too expensive to purchase in the first instance.  Online geocoders can be an options, although they can be a mixed bag in terms of functionality, accuracy, vintage and user experience.  Aside from that, they are not embedded in an existing application so data transfer, data formatting and data privacy can all cause issue's with what seems on paper to be a simple job.

    Users who are running MapInfo Pro v17 will find the same capability but via a new and extremely easy to use user interface.  This makes the very simple to setup and run.

    View the attached video in order to see this in action.

    Note, there is no audio with this video.
    Chris Jenkins
    Pitney Bowes Software Ltd