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An example of how MapInfo Pro Advanced API can be used.

  • 1.  An example of how MapInfo Pro Advanced API can be used.

    Posted 02-05-2018 16:16
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    Some jobs are inherently repetitive, a good example of this would be renaming the server ID from the ID that the planning tool generates to the actual real world name or ID that has been given to the cell. To do this in MapInfo Pro Advanced, you could use the Raster > Raster Operations Classify tool and populate the name of each serving cell manually for each group of cells that represent the primary serving cell coverage. This is OK for a small number of name changes, however in a network there are going to be thousands of serving cells that need renaming.

    MapInfo Pro Advanced API comes with each licence of MapInfo Pro Advanced. To access the documentation go to ProgramFiles\MapInfo\Professional\Raster\Documentation\API.


    The documentation and sample code can be found as below.See Attachment

    Each serving cell area would have to be changed manually, using the API a script was created to automate this. Sector names and ID's can be updated easily.

    See Attachment