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  • 1.  Data3Sixty and Lavastorm connectivity to MongoDb

    Posted 04-25-2019 13:04

    Note: This was originally posted by an inactive account. Content was preserved by moving under an admin account.

    We have a requirement to connect Lavastorm currently and Data3Sixty as we migrate to a MongoDB database. I have been able to create an ODBC connection and using the DBQuery node in Data3Sixty loaded on my local machine connect to a MongoDB database. However Data3Sixty and Lavastorm 6.1.3 are set up on Linux boxes and attempting to use the Query for MongoDB node or the JDBC node I have run into several errors. I have had Time Out errors and index 0 out of range errors to name 2 of the errors. Any suggestions and possibly an example node would be appreciated.

  • 2.  RE: Data3Sixty and Lavastorm connectivity to MongoDb

    Posted 04-26-2019 07:01

    Hi Don,

    The MongoDB nodes in LAE 6.1 are compatible with an old version of MongoDB (2.4.9). The MongoDB nodes Data3Sixty Analyze were rewritten in the 3.2.0 release and now use the 3.6.3 version of the MongoDB driver. The driver compatibility information indicates that the earliest version of MongoDB that can be used with the Java v3.6.3 driver is MongoDB 2.6.

    I have not seen those errors and have only tried the nodes on Windows 64-but, but the following may provide a point of reference on configuration, etc. Perhaps another user can contribute some specific information for Linux.

    Attached is a LAE 6.1 graph that used the example zip code json file available here:

    I have recreated the original LAE 6.1 graph using Data3Sixty Analyze 3.4.0 (and consequently, the new nodes) which is also attached. See the ReadMe information in the Input Static node for details of installing MongoDB (3.6 in my case), starting the MongoDB server and importing the zip data collection into a database. You may want to start with the Analyze data flow and work back to LAE.

    If required, the windows version of MongoDB can be downloaded from here:

    Given the disparity in the MongoDB versions supported by LAE and Data3Sixty Analyze, you may not be able to get both applications to access the same MongoDB instance (I tested the LAE graph on a separate MongoDB 2.4.9 instance)

    Best regards,



    Attached files

    MongoDB_Example_Zipcodes - 26 Apr 2019.lna


  • 3.  RE: Data3Sixty and Lavastorm connectivity to MongoDb

    Posted 04-26-2019 07:09

    Btw you should get results similar to this when the data flow is run in Data3Sixty Analyze

  • 4.  RE: Data3Sixty and Lavastorm connectivity to MongoDb

    Posted 08-12-2022 18:08

    Hey Adrian,

    Not sure if this repetitive questioning. I am using the Lavastorm desktop version and using "Query for mongoDB" node to query some mongo collections.

    This is my first time using this node and when testing the connection I got the below error: "errmsg" : "Auth mechanism not specified" 

    I couldn't find a place to populate the Authentication mode on the node.

    (Note: The connection/Auth details i have works fine on connecting to MONGO DB directly from my code.)

    Node reported the following messages to stderr:
    Aug 12, 2022 2:36:44 PM com.mongodb.DBPortPool gotError
    WARNING: emptying DBPortPool to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx b/c of error
    com.mongodb.CommandFailureException: { "serverUsed" : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx:27017" , "operationTime" : { "$ts" : 1660340204 , "$inc" : 47} , "ok" : 0.0 , "errmsg" : "Auth mechanism not specified" , "code" : 2 , "codeName" : "BadValue" , "$clusterTime" : { "clusterTime" : { "$ts" : 1660340204 , "$inc" : 47} , "signature" : { "hash" : <Binary Data> , "keyId" : 7080701831717847043}}}

    at com.mongodb.CommandResult.getException(
    at com.mongodb.CommandResult.throwOnError(
    at com.mongodb.DBPort$NativeAuthenticator.authenticate(
    at com.mongodb.DBPort.authenticate(
    at com.mongodb.DBPort.checkAuth(

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