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  • 1.  MapInfo on Windows tablet

    Posted 01-19-2022 06:39

    client has asked for any recommendation for a Windows tablet to install Pro on for use in the field.  I guess sturdiness and ease of use are the main criteria.

    Also, a UK partner used to sell an app where you could push/pull MapInfo data via a SIM card to a server in the office from a tablet.  They don't appear to sell that anymore.  Anyone know of any similar apps available.

    Happy to be emailed off list to avoid sales pitches on here!



    Nick Hall
    Mapchester LTD

  • 2.  RE: MapInfo on Windows tablet

    Posted 01-19-2022 08:51
    Hi Nick
    Don't know of anyone personally using MIPro on a tablet right now so no recommendations on hardware.  I've used MIPro on a tablet as we tried it in the office a few years ago (I think it was a Surface tablet), but it's been quite a while.  The guys in Datamine (formerly PB Encom) have users in the Mining industry that use MIPro\Discover application on all sorts tablets in the field.  Perhaps drop an email to one of them ( and see what tablets they prefer.


    Bill Wemple
    Principal Software Engineer, Quality Management
    Precisely, Inc