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  • 1.  WindowHelper

    Posted 10-28-2022 10:30
    A new version of the WindowHelper add-in is about to get published to the MapInfo Marketplace.

    WindowHelper is a tool that adds additional features to MapInfo Pro which helps you while working with especially maps and browser windows.

    WindowHelper comes with tools that can show the extent of one map in another map, restore closed maps or browser window, and that can help you filter a browser using the selected cell value, or quickly create a query result showing all the values in a column with a count showing how many times the value exists.

    Just to name a few features.

    There is more information in the documentiona/help that comes with the tool.

    WindowHelper 3.8.0 has been improved in a couple of places.

    Quick Ranged Theme

    WindowHelper now allows you to quickly create a ranged thematic map with just very few mouse-clicks.

    Right-click on the layer for which you want to create a thematic map. Select Quick Ranged Theme... from the context menu

    In the Quick Ranged Theme dialog select the column you want to use and the Color Range. You may also be able to control the number of ranges. That depends on how the color ranges have been defined in the configuration file.

    The dialog defaults to the table you right-clicked on. You can however change this to a different table if you want.

    Hit OK, and the ranged thematic map will get created. If you need to modify it, use the Theme tab to modify every part of the thematic map.

    Smart Text Annotations

    With MapInfo Pro v2021, we introduced Smart Text annotations for the map windows. Through controls in the Add to Map dropdown, WindowHelper helps you add commonly used Smart Texts to your map. That's Smart Text for the map title, the cartographic scale, and the projection name.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
    Precisely | Trust in Data

  • 2.  RE: WindowHelper

    Posted 11-25-2022 08:04
    A new version of WindowHelper, v3.9.5, is soon to be published on the MapInfo Marketplace

    A couple of bugs have been fixed and some new features have been added.

    Quick Individual Theme

    Similar to Quick Ranged Thematic, you can now also create an individual theme with a few clicks. Right-click on the layer and select Quick Individual Theme... from the context menu.

    From the Select Color Range dropdown, you can select your preferred colors to use. MapInfo Standard Colors uses the 256 standard colors in the Color dropdown in MapInfo Pro. You can also find a number of color ranges for a specific range of colors such as blue, red or orange. Here WindowHelper will calculate 24 colors using the two specified colors.

    The colors are stored in a file giving you the option to add more yourself.

    Currently, the styles used for the themes are hard-coded. The plan is to add style pickers allowing you to select the preferred style and then apply different colors to these styles for the theme.

    Copy and Paste Layer Properties

    You can now copy layer properties from a selected layer in the Layer List via the context menu of the layer.

    After copying the layer properties, you can paste these onto other layers.

    Currently, style overrides, label overrides, hotlink & time settings, and filters aren't copied across to the other layer.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
    Precisely | Trust in Data