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Tip of the Week - Where to find version numbers (Studio, AFM, Evolve, SM)

  • 1.  Tip of the Week - Where to find version numbers (Studio, AFM, Evolve, SM)

    Posted 6 days ago
    Edited by Sigrid Kok 6 days ago

    Hi Automate Community!

    As you may be aware, the Sales Engineering team started a Tip of the Week post a couple of weeks ago where we share information related to anything Automate related. 

    For this week's tip, I would like to help you identify where to find the current version numbers for our various Automate solutions as well as our Automate Function Module (AFM), which is also known as Winshuttle Function Module* (WFM). With all the various changes in SAP (i.e. SAP GUI8, S/4HANA, Fiori) as well as our Automate solutions, it is good to know what versions you are currently working on. This can help you with upgrades, online documentation, reporting, support and more.

    Here is how to locate your current version numbers.

    Automate* Studio

    1.    Log into Studio.

    2.    Under File, select Help.

    3.    On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see About Winshuttle Studio. (If you have upgraded to Studio V24, you will see Automate Studio)

    Automate* Evolve/Studio Manager

    1.    Log into Automate Evolve or Studio Manager.

    2.    On the Home page, click the Help button in the upper right-hand corner.

    3.    You will see the Version Number on the bottom of pop-up window. (If you are on V24, you will see Precisely. Otherwise, it will still show Winshuttle)

    Automate* Function Module (AFM)

    The Automate Function Module (AFM) (It may also be referred to as Winshuttle Function Module * (WFM)) is an ABAP component installed on your SAP system. WFM is designed to integrate with SAP's changing landscape in terms of integration and provides a platform to manage and control transaction and query processes better.

    The AFM/WFM also provides additional features like look up and date formats. The AFM/WFM was developed in an exclusive Winshuttle namespace and is certified by SAP's ICC as acceptable for deployment on a given SAP system.

    To view your AFM/WFM version, there are 2 ways to locate it –

    Automate* Studio

    1.    Log into Studio

    2.    Under File – New, open a recently created script and log into your SAP instance.

    3.    Once you are logged in, click on the SAP instance again, and you will see the AFM/WFM version.


    You can also locate the AFM/WFM version in SAP.

    1.    Log into your SAP Instance

    2.    Click on System - Status 

    3.    If you are still on ECC, under SAP System data on the right-hand side, click the component information button.

    4.    Scroll down until you locate WINSHTLQ. You will then see the version number.

    5.    If you are on S/4HANA, SAP System data will be in the middle of screen. Click the Details button.

    6.    On the Installed Software Components Version screen, scroll down until you locate WINSHTLQ. You will then see the version number.

    *  Winshuttle was acquired by Precisely in 2021. The Winshuttle product portfolio is now part of the Precisely Automate product family and was rebranded to reflect the change.

    I hope you find this helpful.


    Scott Wenzel
    Precisely Software Inc.
    Bothell WA