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  • 1.  Use 'Upload Excel Data' to upload repeating content in repeating content

    Posted 03-22-2024 16:02
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    I'm trying to create a form that has several scripts that need to loop and have additional loops inside them.  When pulling the repeating content into the form I get both sections but the upload excel data function only seems to hit the first loop level and can't be toggled on the second.  Is there a way to upload data into the second loop?

    Scott Fouss
    Shared Services Analyst
    Leprino Foods


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  • 2.  RE: Use 'Upload Excel Data' to upload repeating content in repeating content

    Posted 03-23-2024 09:45

    Hi Scott,

    'Upload Excel Data' functionality is not available for nested tables, neither we can use 'Copy Table Data' rule.

    One way to do it is :

    • Create a repeating table on the form, upload the data in this table using 'upload excel data' option
    • Now using 'Data connection' webservice  of type reference data upload this Data from repeating table to a reference list.
    • Next using a query control fetch this data on the form in Nested repeating table as per requirement.

    Refer Solution, Reference list and excel file attached on link :

    • Once you import the solution and the reference data list.
    • Deploy the solution.
    • Launch the form, On launched form upload the excel data, and press save button -> this will save data in the reference data list.
    • Click on fetch button in group4 to fetch the data in the nested table.
    • Once the data is fetched, you can click Empty table button to clear the table and click SaveData button to clear the list as well.

    NOTE :

    If your data to be uploaded in the nested table is static or does not change, you can simply create a reference data list with this data and fetch it using a query control.

    Hope this helps.


    Hammad Naeem
    Precisely Software Inc.