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Universal Address Module Loqate – Support Announcement

  • 1.  Universal Address Module Loqate – Support Announcement

    Posted 12-15-2022 12:02

    December 7, 2022

    Universal Address Module Loqate – Support Announcement

    (Please ignore this notice if you have already migrated to another solution)


    Dear Precisely Customer:

    Precisely is announcing the process of discontinuing the Universal Address Module Loqate (UAM Loqate) within our Spectrum technology platform.  This includes the following stages:

    • Validate Address Loqate
    • Get Candidate Addresses Loqate
    • Get City State Province Loqate
    • Get Postal Codes Loqate
    • Autocomplete Loqate

    This letter is for UAM Loqate customers, to inform of Precisely's end-of-support and end-of-renewal plans.

    We are committed to providing the highest level of customer care, while you transition to one of our other industry-leading address verification solutions.  To better prepare for your transition, please note the following key milestones:

    May 31, 2023

    End of Maintenance & Support for users on Spectrum v2018.x UAM Loqate

    End of Maintenance & Support for users on Spectrum v2019.x UAM Loqate

    December 31, 2023

    End of full-year subscription renewals to existing customers

    May 31, 2024

    End of Maintenance & Support for users on Spectrum v2020.x UAM Loqate

    December 31, 2024

    End of Maintenance & Support for users on Spectrum v2022.x UAM Loqate

    January 1, 2025

    Official End-of-Life


    Over the last 6 years, Precisely has collaborated with its most demanding customers to refine the Spectrum Global Addressing (GAM) product and strategy.  Three key features of GAM are as follows: 

    • USPS® CASS Certified™ solution: Provide CASS™ reports, CASS™ mode, DPV®, LACSLink®, SuiteLink®, and RDI™ for postal discounts and build data you can trust for more confident business decisions.
    • Global Address Autocomplete capabilities:  Streamline processes by quickly returning a list of addresses based on partial address keystrokes using in-country standards.
    • Sophisticated algorithms to parse, standardize, cleanse, and verify addresses:  When addresses are wrong, it costs money.  Precisely invests in developing the most complete and accurate international address reference dataset available along with best-in-class parsing and matching algorithms to ensure successful outcomes.

    For the reasons listed above, GAM is the leading solution for address validation and is expanding the types of business problems being solved today such as data enrichment.  As a result, most Precisely customers have now adopted GAM as their address verification software of choice; therefore, we have decided to retire UAM Loqate.  As one of our valued clients, we are offering the following migrations paths:

    • Spectrum Global Addressing: This addressing solution ensures quality addressing by providing tools that verify and standardize addresses in over 250 countries.  Spectrum technology platform supports address quality initiatives by adhering to postal guidelines.
    • Geo Addressing SDK:  Geo Addressing SDK runs spatial processes natively within cloud-native and big data environments using Kubernetes and Spark cluster deployment to unlock valuable context for more informed decision-making with the ability to verify, standardize, and cleanse addresses.

    Please contact your Sales Account Executive to hear about more exciting features!


    Yours sincerely

    Mike Ashmore

    Senior Director, Product Management, Geo Addressing Portfolio


    Contact Information

    If you would like technical assistance, please contact the Precisely Global Support team at Precisely Support.

    Any questions relating to this announcement should be directed to Mike Ashmore, Senior Director, Product Management, at Michael.Ashmore@precisely.com