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Trillium Discovery integration for Data360 Govern

  • 1.  Trillium Discovery integration for Data360 Govern

    Posted 11-11-2022 09:06
    Hi All,

    There is an integration available from Precisely to publish the results of the Library Business Rules in Trillium Discovery in Data360 Govern.
    This makes perfect sense if you want to add Data Governance, Stewardship to your Organization and start with the results of Data Quality checks.

    The integration is a composite node in Data360 Analyze and is "plug and play" without any additional coding, you do need to prepare Govern with the Asset Replication node, to make Govern Trillium Ready like you do for a Connector, pretty straightforward.
    Import the .lna and configure Govern and Trillium hosts, authentication.

    The results of the business rules are published in Govern and synchronized when updates occur.
    Business Rules Library in Trillium Discovery:

    A Library can be associated to 1 or multiple sources and consists of multiple Business Rules:

    One business is created like this in Trillium using the expression builder:

    In Trillium Discovery the result of the Business Rule is shown like this:

    But to make this available to the complete Organization you can publish the results together with your Data Catalog in Govern using the Trillium Integration:

    With this now available in Govern you can assign ownership, start DQ resolution workflows, show impact analysis, monitor improvements over time and also take benefit of all other functionality in Govern.
    The detail page in Govern shows the functional and technical implementation of the rule. This is bi-directional so you can propose new rules in Govern, push to Trillium, implement the rule in Trillium and publish results back in Govern.

    The Data360 Data Catalog now also has DQ scores which can be propagated to Entity, Database or even Business Glossary when related.

    Let me know if you want to know more.



    Marco de Jong