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Trillium - Collibra Connector (TDC)

  • 1.  Trillium - Collibra Connector (TDC)

    Posted 02-09-2023 15:11

    Collibra is planning to phase out use of JobServer and replace it with Edge (Edge runs on Linux) by January, 2024. Per Collibra, they will continue to support the current JobServer / Windows environment through at least Q1 2024. 

    The Trillium-Collibra connector (TDC) is not dependent on the JobServer.

    If customers decide to migrate to Edge, they have the following options:

    1. Migrate TDC to the EDGE server and utilize the EDGE infrastructure instead (RHEL)
    2. Continue using JobServer infrastructure (Server or VM) and install a separate Java version for TDC
    3. Setup a dedicated Windows or Linux server and deploy TDC on its own server.

    Jeffery Brown
    Precisely Software Inc.