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  • 1.  Text Frame in Legend Doesn't Show Up In Layout

    Posted 03-09-2023 11:48
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    We often need to put text in our legends, to give additional info.  This has always shown up in layouts in the old v15 32bit.  We are noticing now in v21.1 build 33, that any text frame added to a legend, does not get included with the legend when the map is added to a layout.  Is there a trick we are not aware of, or is this a bug that someone knows how to get to work?  My guys were having this issue, so I did a test on my computer and saw the same result.  Screenshot is attached, showing the test text in the legend, but not in the layout with the other frames.


  • 2.  RE: Text Frame in Legend Doesn't Show Up In Layout

    Posted 03-17-2023 15:50

    I guess nobody at MapInfo knows why this is happening?


  • 3.  RE: Text Frame in Legend Doesn't Show Up In Layout

    Posted 03-20-2023 03:56
    Edited by Peter Møller 03-20-2023 03:56

    Hi Jim

    I can't tell you if this has been a design decision or if it's a bug. It seems we only bring over the actual legend elements from an existing legend window onto the layout when you insert an existing map onto the layout. You can try to raise this issue with our tech support team.

    In 64-bit, we decided to use the layout as the legend designer instead of embedding the content from the legend onto the layout. This allows you to do the entire design work in the layout instead of having to switch between the layout and the legend window.

    If you know your end result is a layout, there is no reason to create a legend window first and then move the content from this into a layout afterward.

    I can of course see the issue if you bring in workspaces from 32-bit into 64-bit where the behavior is different.

    If this is an issue you run into a lot, I wonder if we can work around that with a tool.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
    Precisely | Trust in Data

  • 4.  RE: Text Frame in Legend Doesn't Show Up In Layout

    Posted 03-20-2023 08:29

    Thanks Peter.  I will send a message to support.  It seems that if it was a design decision, then the option to add a text frame would have been removed from the legend designer.  This way, you would no longer have the option to enter text there.


    We do everything we can in the legend, so that if we ever have to bring in the map again to a layout, we don't have to manually recreate everything again.  When dealing with clones of maps that are not linked to the original, this seems to be the best scenario for us.