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  • 1.  Studio Backup Data Question

    Posted 12-16-2022 14:43

    Hello All,

    Has anyone noticed that sometimes the Backup Data that is generated on a Transaction Script run does not fully fill in?  An example is I have one script for MM02 that brings in the existing data to the Backup tab, including the Plant Code (WERKS), as expected, but then I have another MM02 script that also has the Plant Code (WERKS) as a column on it, but the data that comes to the tab is blank for Plant Code and other data shows as expected.  It shows the header for Plant Code, but the values are blank.

    The only difference I see between the scripts is the Created With version shows 11.2.12 for the script that works as expected, but the one that does not has 12.1 as the Created With value.  These are being run against the same SAP instance with WFM as 12.1.  

    Any thoughts on the mechanism that drives this?

    Thanks for your time!

    Scott Gorski
    General Mills | Process Automation COE

  • 2.  RE: Studio Backup Data Question

    Posted 01-06-2023 10:27
    Hi Scott,

    I have run into the same issue with other tcodes, and sometimes it's because you're not really updating that field but using it to find the data you are updating.  I would think plant may fall into that category, unless you're doing an extension - but that would be MM01, not MM02.

    I would open a support ticket on this to ensure that there aren't issues that were introduced in newer releases.

    Best Regards,

    Sigrid Kok
    PSE | Winshuttle NA