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Spectrum Version 2023.1 Release Announcement Update

  • 1.  Spectrum Version 2023.1 Release Announcement Update

    Posted 05-31-2023 13:48

    May 31, 2023

    Spectrum Version 2023.1 Release Announcement - UPDATE

    Please find the download links below for the Spectrum 2023.1 Release software.

    Spectrum 2023.1 download links

    Windows - https://cim-spectrum-platform-and-bigdata.s3.amazonaws.com/installers-23.1-nt.zip

    Linux - https://cim-spectrum-platform-and-bigdata.s3.amazonaws.com/installers-23.1-linux.zip

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    This section provides SHA-256 checksums for the Spectrum Technology Platform 2023.1 download files. You can use these values to check that your copy of a downloaded installation file is identical to the original.





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    If you would like technical assistance, please contact the Precisely Global Support team at Precisely Support.