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Spectrum Version 2023.1 Release Announcement

  • 1.  Spectrum Version 2023.1 Release Announcement

    Posted 05-30-2023 23:34
    Edited by Product Communications 05-30-2023 23:35

    May 31, 2023

    Spectrum Version 2023.1 Release Announcement

    Version 2023.1 for Spectrum is now available.

    What's New

    In this release, there are new features and capabilities added, as below:

    • Spectrum Technology Platform 

    Has new features and functionality including:

      • IPv6 Compatibility
      • Data Stewardship data migrated to Search Index
      • New jmx-console option for cluster node crash
      • Open Search replaces Open Distro for Elasticsearch
      • Neo4J Graph Database Management System upgrade
      • Updated Spectrum Technology Platform Password Management Utility for OpenSearch

    • Spectrum Context Graph

    Has new features and functionality including:

      • Support for Neo4j 5 Database Server
      • Added 2020.1 Hub Connectors back to v2023.1 and they have been renamed to Context Graph Connectors
      • Added Context Graph Connectors in Spectrum Discovery

    • Spectrum Global Geocoding

    Has new features and functionality including:

      • Added new fields for Postal Candidates
      • Desired Language Support for Japan
      • CIO is now part of GGM
      • EIR Code Lookup for Ireland
      • DPID Support for Australia
      • Key Lookup
      • Interactive is now Address Autocomplete

    • Spectrum Global Addressing

    Has new features and functionality including:

      • CASS O Certified for both the Windows and Linux platforms

    • Spectrum Spatial and Routing
      Has new features and functionality including:
      • Enhancements to the raster MISQL functions
      • PostGIS support for Spatial Aggregation

    • Spectrum Spatial Analyst
      Has new features and functionality including:

      • Support for OS NTv2 British Grid transforms
      • Ability to brand the log in page and template designer
      • Ability to delete map information templates
      • Custom template support for raster MRR tables
      • Support for showing raster MRR statistics and line profile in map information

    Retired Modules 

    With the release of version 2023.1, these modules, stages, and services will not be supported by Spectrum:

    • Change Data Capture
    • Global Sentry
    • Name Parser Stage (Universal Name Module)
    • Private Match (Advanced Match Module)
    • Spectrum Big Data Integration
    • Spectrum Client SDK
    • Spectrum Data Integration Connectors
    • Information Extraction Module
    • Analytics Scoring Module
    • Spectrum Machine Learning Module
    • Spectrum Miner Family
    • Enterprise Geocoding Module
    • Validate Address Loqate
    • Get Candidate Addresses Loqate
    • Get City State Province Loqate
    • Get Postal Codes Loqate
    • Autocomplete Loqate

    Release Notes

    Please refer to the release notes here, for more details including:

    • Upgrade paths
    • Supported operating systems
    • General availability support tiers

    Improved Access to Spectrum Documentation

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