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  • 1.  Spectrum spatial layer ordering

    Posted 04-11-2023 17:52

    I have a polygon table with records which overlap. Is there anyway to order the records so they display in a certain way if they overlap. I would like a solution which does not involve splitting the table, creating database views or styling the records without solid fill. This layer will be uploaded to SSA and should retain the theme as I have styled in mapinfo

    Layers overlapping
    Area Overlapping 2

    David Cini
    Cairns Regional Council

  • 2.  RE: Spectrum spatial layer ordering

    Posted 04-18-2023 22:30
    Edited by Malinda Obeysekara 04-18-2023 22:30

    Hi David

    I have done some testing and was able to order the rendering through Spatial Manager.

    Steps are followed:-

    • I created View Table and selected the Reference table as your base table
    • Then modify the MISQL in that layer to order view table as ("Order By LayerOrder" OR "Order By LayerOrder Desc")
    • I can check the Sample rows to change the order view.

    If you need any support contact: support@insightgis.com.au


    Malinda Obeysekara