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September 1, 2021 - File and Schema Changes to Parcel Boundaries in Q3 2021

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  • 1.  September 1, 2021 - File and Schema Changes to Parcel Boundaries in Q3 2021

    Posted 11-15-2022 13:00
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    September 1, 2021

    Reminder: File and Schema Changes to Parcel Boundaries in Q3


    This is the final notice to inform you of file and schema changes coming to your Precisely Parcel Boundaries product.  Product changes are scheduled for the 2021 Q3 release.

    Overview of Features and Functionality

    To improve ease of use and file performance we are making changes to the Precisely Parcel Boundaries product.  The legacy version of Parcel Boundaries was delivered in GIS compatible formats with a 1 to 1 object to address relationship.  This format results in redundant or duplicated polygon features, increasing the size of the product unnecessarily, as well as the performance time required for display and search functions.  Based on customer feedback, we are creating a new 1 to many object to address relational model to improve performance.  The new format will include a separate address table (CSV file) that can be related to the polygon objects via the unique feature ID (PRCLID).

    Product changes are scheduled to be implemented for the 2021.09 Parcel Boundaries release in late September.  To allow clients to continue preparation for the coming changes we are providing final documentation in advance of this release.  To download documentation, click the links below.

    A Beta version of the new format is available for testing and development in advance of the September release.  If you would like access to the Beta file, contact Product Management (see contact information below).


    September 2021

    Contact Information:

    If you would like technical assistance, please contact the Precisely Global Support:

    Any questions relating to this announcement can be directed to:

    Dylan Conrad
    Data Product Manager