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Replacement for Google Maps API Component

  • 1.  Replacement for Google Maps API Component

    Posted 11-01-2022 12:31

    We would like to replace a Google API map component with Spectrum Spatial API map component.

     It does not seem that the same functionally you get from the Google API is available out-of-the-box from Spatial Analyst. According to the Extensibility User Guide, it looks like you can only approximate the functionality with an Angular component. 

    Our current Google component function summary:

    1. The map is initialized from an address.
    2. A pin is initially placed at the lat/long.
    3. Map allows user to pan, scroll and zoom.
    4. When the pin is moved, the new lat/long is returned by the API.


    How can the Spectrum Spatial API be used to provide this functionality in a browser-based application?

    Is it possible to do without embedding Angular 11 components?

    John Chapman
    Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Ins
    Cayce SC