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  • 1.  Raster images - Automatic layer display override problem

    Posted 08-18-2022 21:05
    I am working with multiple raster images (.asc grid file format, geotiff etc.) open in the same map window and am having repeated problems with a layer display override automatically turning on and making the entire layer (i.e. any active grid cells) appear black.

    I am primarily using grids representing both terrain and flood data and have the colour settings on all grids the same, so I can make easy visual comparisons, but each time I select a layer in the explorer window or try to check the box to toggle the layer display on/off, the grid turns black on my screen. If I uncheck the box next to the black layer to turn its display off, then the subsequent layer in the explorer window does the same thing.

    In the layer properties dialogue box, the Layer Display Style Override has automatically turned on and Contract, Brightness and Translucency are set to 0% (in the Adjust Image Styles box).

    When I uncheck the Style Override box in the layer properties window, the grid displays as it should again. But selecting or turning any layer in the explorer window on/off just repeats the problem.

    To keep manually adjusting the display for every grid file each time I try to switch between them is impractical and wasting a huge amount of time.

    Once the problem occurs once, closing that map window and opening the same layers in a new map window does not resolve the problem.

    The only temporary fix is to close the workspace and relaunch MapInfo. This appears to restore the normal layer functionality temporarily, and once re-opened I may get anywhere between a few minutes and a few hours before the problem occurs again.

    It is not an issue embedded in any saved workspace (as it will occur when opening grids/tables in a fresh/empty workspace) and is also not linked to any specific grid files or tables (it is occuring with pretty much any grid files I have open), nor with any single raster file format (.asc grid files, nearmap geotiff etc.).

    Currrently running MI Pro version 2021, release build 205 - but was having the same issues using version 2019 as well.

    Has anyone else come across this or a similar problem and found a solution?
    Or does anyone have suggestions to prevent this 'automatic' layer override from repeatedly occurring.

    Alison Fullagar
    Gilbert & Sutherland

  • 2.  RE: Raster images - Automatic layer display override problem

    Posted 08-22-2022 04:21
    Hello Alison,

    Not sure why this is happening but can you trying launching MapInfo without any Add-in and check if issue persists. MapInfo can be launched without any add-in using below command:
    mapinfopro -noautoload​

    If this fixes the issue, then some add-in is at fault here.


    Anshul Goel