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Property Attributes Assessment - Breaking Changes for April 2024

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  • 1.  Property Attributes Assessment - Breaking Changes for April 2024

    Posted 11-06-2023 15:50
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    November 6, 2023



    This announcement is to inform you of upcoming breaking changes in the April 2024 release of the Precisely Property Attributes Assessment product. Please read this message in its entirety if you license this product to understand these important changes. An updated Data Schema will be provided in a subsequent communication.

    Overview of Features and Functionality 

    What is a breaking change? We define a breaking change in the Address and Property products as any addition, removal, or renaming of field attributes; or any change that we believe would affect a client's ETL scripts. Because we know how impactful a breaking change can be to your production process, we limit them to once a year. We provide this initial 6-month notice so that you may appropriately plan to update your production systems as necessary.

    Included in this communication are the known product data schema changes scheduled for the April 2024 Property Attributes Assessment release (v2024.04).  Additional reminder communications will be delivered over the next 6 months to ensure our clients are taking the necessary steps to accept these changes and be successful.  With this release Users will see 36 new fields, a new Data Schema format, and changes to field lengths and types.

    Please see a summary of changes:

    • As of the October 2023 release, Property Attributes now includes data from real estate listing services! For the April 2024 release, 30 new fields will be added; sourced from the real estate listing service data. Users can now get insights into Automated Valuation Models, Homeowners Associations, rental property information and more! See the full list of fields below.

    • Four new fields will be added to represent the original situs (property) address from the local tax authority: SRC_ADDRESS, SRC_CITY, SRC_STATE, SRC_ZIPCODE.  These fields will represent a third set of address components, in addition to the current billing address and situs (property) address fields, which go through a rigorous address hygiene process. The intent of adding these fields is to give our users an indication of how Precisely has improved addresses to provide an accurate geocode or coordinate within the product.

    • We included a new record called "synthetic property record" in the 2022.11 release. For the April 2024 release, a field will be added called SYN_PROP_RECORD to identify these records. The values will be either "Y" or "NULL[AM1] ." To learn more about these synthetic property records, please refer to the Property Attributes Assessment Product Guide.

    • A field named REPLACE_CONF will be introduced to represent the Precisely confidence of the Replacement Cost Value field (REPLACE_CALC).

    • The following attributes will have field lengths changes: 1.) PROP_ZONING and BLDG_NAME fields will increase to 230 characters, 2.) PROP_FRPL will increase to 2 characters.

    We appreciate your partnership and use of Precisely products!


    April 2024

    Contact Information

    If you would like technical assistance, please contact the Precisely Global Support team at

    Any questions relating to this announcement can be directed to:

    Amy Metz

    Product Management Director