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Properties of Output Excel Node

  • 1.  Properties of Output Excel Node

    Posted 07-05-2022 11:16
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    Hi Team,
    I have to generate the .xls report  from the various cities containing data based on some certain conditions.
    Let's assume that , I have added Five input points(called Citi A, B , C) of an Output Excel Node . whenever the process executed out of 5 inputs , sometimes 2 inputs have data, sometime 3 .
    but the problem is whenever all the 5 inputs have some data , the output Excel Node executes , but whenever out of 5 inputs 2 inputs have data and 3 inputs have No data(Not Zero), means The inputs logic doesn't executes completely based on certain Logics & conditions . the output excel Node doesn't executes .

    Is there any provision through that we can achieve that .

    NOTE:-  if only 2 inputs executes , in .xlsx report only 2 tabs should present , not like 2 tabs having data and rest 3 having no Data.
    Please refer attached snapshot .

    Please advice.

    Kumar Gaurav [Software Development Consultant]
    Qwest Services Corporation
    Denver CO