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  • 1.  Projection Issue for digitized data

    Posted 23 days ago
    I digitized a set of polygons in a Map Window that had it's projection set to Popular Visualisation CRS (EPSG 3857). The polygons were mostly snapped to a base layer in the map window which was in a different projection.

    When I view the digitized data in a new map window that is using the base layer's projection it is offset by a few meters from the base layer. If I change this new map window's projection to Popular Visualisation CRS the layers are aligned properly. Additionally, if I open both layers in other mapping software they appear misaligned.

    Is there some under the hood transform going on here?

    Richard Cantwell
    DUBLIN 8

  • 2.  RE: Projection Issue for digitized data

    Posted 22 days ago
    Hi Richard

    Did you draw in a base layer or in the cosmetic layer? Not even sure if that makes any difference

    Popular Visualisation comes with a number of issues. It's really just good for visualizing data. I don't trust it for measurements.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
    Precisely | Trust in Data