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Platform Patch: v9.6 – Patch 4

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  • 1.  Platform Patch: v9.6 – Patch 4

    Posted 09-28-2023 10:43
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    September 28, 2023

    Platform Patch: v9.6 – Patch 4

    The platform patch release Platform® Release 9.6, build 9.6-15427-4 is now available. This patch obsoletes IPS patches 2 and 3.

    This patch addresses the following software defect(s): 

    Issue Number



    Fixed an issue where passwords containing an open bracket character caused deployment failures on WildFly. 


    Fixed a problem where the deploy script fails when passwords contained special characters.

    Fixed a problem where the clean script may fail with an error on a WildFly deployment.

    Fixed a problem with WildFly deployments where role groups may not be found, causing error messages like "You are not authorized to view this page." in Assure DQ.


    Fixed an issue with LDAP security configuration where a group mapped to multiple roles causes a role authorization error message after logging in.

    This patch is applicable for the following products: 

    • Assure DQ
    • Insight®
    • ER®       
    • Perceive®

    Please find the patch using the following steps:

    1. Please go to
    2. Click on "My Software Products"
    3. Click on "Assure DQ"
    4. In the Releases, please click on "9.6.0"
    5. You would find installation files related to Platform Patch v9.6 – Patch fileThe zip file contains everything you need to install this patch. Please follow the step mentioned in the attached Release note to apply the patch

    Ejazul Haque
    Precisely Software Inc.