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  • 1.  Pivot Table not working when scheduled

    Posted 12-01-2022 09:20
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    I have scheduled a query to run monthly, but when I get the email there is a link to "Open File", but once its open, the pivot table is not the correct format and not able to refresh because it's not linked with the data.  I am able to open the script and run it manually and the pivot table works.  Is there a way to have the pivot table working from the email notification?

    Miluska DoCarmo | BA
    Echostar Corporation | 12406453785


  • 2.  RE: Pivot Table not working when scheduled

    Posted 02-21-2023 13:29

    @Sigrid Kok  - hello Sigrid,

    Milu posted this question in the past but I wanted to check whether you heard similar issue from other customers. I found below article mentioning a limitation about this, but is there any other recommended solution/workaround to accomplish this? They want to be able to leverage Pivot table already built on query templates, but server scheduling is somehow corrupting it.



    Ocal Yilmaz
    Echostar Corporation
    Englewood CO

  • 3.  RE: Pivot Table not working when scheduled

    Posted 02-24-2023 14:02

    Hi @Ocal Yilmaz 

    The article is correct.  If you run on server, the formatting for a pivot and any special controls or buttons will not be preserved. 

    Alternately, you could use Query to write to a SQL table and then use Excel to point to that data source and refresh it when you open it.  It may not be ideal, but it is a workaround.

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    Sigrid Kok
    Precisely Software Inc.