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Perceive Version 9.6 Fix Pack IV-9.6-10022-0 Release Announcement

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  • 1.  Perceive Version 9.6 Fix Pack IV-9.6-10022-0 Release Announcement

    Posted 02-05-2024 12:21
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    February 5, 2024

    Perceive Version 9.6 Fix pack IV-9.6-10022-0 Release Announcement

    Perceive Version 9.6 Fix pack IV-9.6-10022-0 is now available with details below. This patch addresses the following enhancement and fixes:

    Issue Number


    IVP-9832 Defect-Fixed an issue where updating a Report event caused the report parameters to reset. 
    IVP-9805 Defect-Fixed an issue related to an incorrect column size while upgrading the Product to Perceive 9.6 release.
    IP-7286 Fixed an issue where a #UIP002 invalid parameter value error was shown when a user attempts to produce a PDF report view of Assure DQ test layout or test capture source result.
    IP-7400 Fixed an issue with password containing open bracket character that caused deployment failures on WildFly.
    IP-7421 Fixed an issue with LDAP security configuration on Wildfly.
    IP-7430 Fixed an issue with Calendars where attacker could manipulate the Calendar name to cause an XSS attack when the Calendar is displayed. Also fixed an issue where producing a definition report could execute HTML that might be present in the description or name of object like a calendar.
    IP-7432 Corrected an issue where configuration properties containing sensitive information were included in the jar files that were deployed to the ER Rich client.
    IP-7452 Fixed an issue where error message due to cross site scripting attack will execute that attack if the user clicks "Show details".

    You could find the Release Notes and Installation Guide, along with all the release files at  

    Please find attached Release Notes for more detailed information on installation steps.

    Ejazul Haque