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  • 1.  Passing Attachments Between Evolve Processes

    Posted 04-19-2023 18:14


    I'm developing a parent-child solution in Evolve 20.1 using the form process launch plug-in. I'm able to pass multiple form fields to the child process with no issue, using the autosync setting, however I'm unable to transfer file attachments from the parent in the same way. The attachments element does not appear in the list of fields even when selecting source and destination fields manually.

    Is there a way to transfer attachments between processes, either through the plug-in or some other workaround? Any help or experience in this area would be appreciated!


    Alex Kuligowski
    Leprino Foods Company
    Denver, CO

  • 2.  RE: Passing Attachments Between Evolve Processes

    Posted 04-19-2023 19:05

    Hi Alex

    Can you please elaborate?

    Are these two completely separate solutions or is this a parent/child relationship?
    Also, do you want the attachment from process 1 to be copied to process 2? 

    One approach may be to use (1) create folder (2) copy attachment (from process 1) (3) add attachment (from process 2) via plugins.

    (1) Create a folder via the create folder plugin - make sure it's unique and something both processes will know the name of.

    set scope to be App if both solutions are in the same App.
    (2) Process 1 can use the copy attachment to write it to that folder

    (3) Process 2 can use the add attachment and refer to the folder and file name from process 1

    You could also use the attachment control and process ID from process 1 if you want to skip the folder.

    If you're trying to accomplish something else with the attachments or if this is parent/child, please share more details.

    Best Regards,

    Sigrid Kok
    Precisely Software Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Passing Attachments Between Evolve Processes

    Posted 04-20-2023 11:57
    Edited by Alex Kuligowski 04-20-2023 12:04

    Hi Sigrid! Yes, these are separate solutions that I have linked in a parent/child relationship, however I'm using the form process launch plug-ins rather than the form hierarchy element. This approach seemed a little better suited for our business processes and more closely aligned with how users are currently submitting change requests.

    Thanks for the information on create folder functionality and attachments processes; I wasn't familiar with these plug-ins but it seems like that may be a good solution for this particular scenario! I'm going to play around with it and hopefully should address the gap

    Thanks again!

    Alex Kuligowski
    Leprino Foods