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  • 1.  OS MasterMap no-longer importing due to unicode character

    Posted 08-02-2022 09:41

    The latest set of OS MasterMap data I have been asked to convert to MapInfo tab files contains the unicode character #x0302 in the textString attribute for many of the entries. This is causing the import command to fail. 

    Does the import command support unicode characters? Is there a flag/setting I am missing?

    The command I am running is:-
    Import pathedSource Type "GML" layer layerType Into outputPath & "\" & outputFile Overwrite 

    Using MapInfoPro v16.0.4 and MapBasic v16.0



    Liz Walker

  • 2.  RE: OS MasterMap no-longer importing due to unicode character

    Posted 08-12-2022 11:16
    I have 2 suggestions to try:
    1. On System Settings Preference dialog make sure "Encode Workspaces and Tab Files" is checked.
    2. You can add Type "NativeX" before the Overwrite token.


    If this does not work contact tech support as I think we should be able to handle this.

    Bob Fortin
    Software Architect and Distinguished Engineer
    MapInfo Pro Development Team