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  • 1.  OS API and WMTS

    Posted 21 days ago

    Hi all

    Pre-lockdown I added some OS API background mapping to a couple of projects in MIProv21. I want to add another and refreshed my memory with a Mapinfo Monday article from last year on the process using WMTS. Trying to add Vector Tile API to Mapinfo via WMTS .

    On OS datahub, in an existing project, used the VTI API Endpoint address as the server name ( and when try to test it it is not recognised.

    The error message is 'the server returned data which was neither in the requested format nor a recognised service exception: data at the root level is invalid Line 1 position 1'

    Obvs the OS help on APIs covers no detail on mapinfo..

    I am missing something?


    Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Trust

    Martin Dowler

  • 2.  RE: OS API and WMTS

    Posted 21 days ago

    Hello Martin,


    I don't think MapInfo Pro supports vector tiles yet, but I hope I'm wrong on that.


    While OGC support for vector tiles may well be through WMTS when standards settle down, at the moment it's a bit wild west out there in terms of implementation. There is some divergence between what MapBox and Esri are doing and a bit of a pain to keep both the commercial and open source worlds supported. It's going to be a relief when standards settle things down a bit!



    Warren Vick

    Europa Technologies Ltd.