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November 19, 2012 - Wildfire Risk Support Announcement

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  • 1.  November 19, 2012 - Wildfire Risk Support Announcement

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    Wildfire Risk - Support Announcement


    A reminder, the Fire Risk Pro model will be updated for the January 15th release of Wildfire Risk from version 3 to version 4.  This will result in an updated data layout.  All customer systems will need to be updated to accommodate the new data.

    Overview of Features and Functionality

    Please see attached spreadsheet for the new data dictionary for Fire Risk Pro.  This change to the data will accommodate the upgrade in data modeling.  In addition to a change in fields, the data files will no longer be provided in state layout.  To accommodate limitations in file size the data has been broken up into similar size sections.  Please update any processes to accommodate the new file boundaries.  See attached document for additional details. 


    These changes will begin with the January 15th release of Wildfire Risk.

    Contact Information:

    If you would like technical assistance, please contact the Precisely Global Support team at

    Any questions relating to this announcement should be directed to Jared Beerman, Product Manager at