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    Posted 09-21-2022 02:23
    Edited by Peter Møller 09-22-2022 09:29

    A new tool has been posted to the MapInfo marketplace: Multi Search Tool.

    This is the first version of a tool that can help you search your tables or locate specific records in a table through a wildcard search dialog.


    Wildcard Search allows you to search for specific values in a configured setup. This would typically be addresses or properties but is not limited to this. Below you can see how the Wildcard Search dialog can look. In this example, the dialog has been configured to search in 3 columns. It can also search in just one or two columns.

    Search All Columns is another feature of this application. It was added through a request here in the community. It allows you to search through all columns in a table for a specific value. Below you can see how this dialog allows you to control what to search for, in what table and what column types.

    Finally, the tool adds four useful features to the context menu of all browser windows. These allow you to zoom to the extent of your current selection, pan to a single selected record, filter the browser based on a selected value, and create a group by query for the selected column.

    The tool comes with documentation with more details.

    Source code

    The source code for the application can be found on GitHub: MultiSearchTool.

    Questions, requests, and ideas

    If you have questions about the tool, post these as comments to this article.
    Ideas and requests for improvements can be posted as comments too. You can also report these as Issues through Github.

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