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  • 1.  MonitorDAMDrop and zip files

    Posted 03-24-2023 16:35

    Should be a simple enough question: 

    Does MonitorDAMDrop have the ability to recognize and unzip files on the fly or do files need to be dropped in individually?

    Richard Infield
    Orgill, Inc.
    Memphis NY

  • 2.  RE: MonitorDAMDrop and zip files

    Posted 03-25-2023 17:42


    Zip files containing images would need to be unzipped prior to being placed in the DamDrop folder as zip files are OK to be imported into the DAM as-is if they are placed in the DamDrop folder.  The Zip files containing images would need to be placed in a secondary drop folder where they are picked up and unzipped into the DamDrop folder by a backgroun process.  The background process can invoke a batch script that looks for the .zip files and unzips them into the DamDrop folder when present.  This script can be invoked either by a Windows Scheduler task, or an EPX Workflow.  The EPX workflow can be scheduled to run at set intervals (e.g., every 10 minutes), or can be triggered by a Scheduled Import (or Export) job that runs at a desired interval or on-demand.  The advantage of including Scheduled Import or Export is the control of when the process runs can be managed in the EnterWorks UI while the other options require connecting to the server. 

    After unzipping a zip file, the script would need to move the zip file to an archived or processed folder so it does not get processed a second time.

    Brian Zupke
    Precisely Software Inc.