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  • 1.  MM02 MRP Area updates

    Posted 03-29-2024 11:44

    I am attempting to create a script to update multiple MRP area fields for Multiple MRP areas for materials.  I am have difficulties get the script to select the correct MRP area.   

    Kevin Simard
    Manager, IT COE - Global Master Data Integration
    Warrendale PA

  • 2.  RE: MM02 MRP Area updates

    Posted 04-01-2024 20:25
    Edited by Maria Ebner 04-01-2024 20:25

    Hi Kevin,

    This thread on the community goes over a couple options:

    • GUI scripting to use If on Index Field:
    • Transaction code SE38, program RMMDIBE:

    The downside of the first option is using GUI scripting because it runs in the foreground so it's slower and some organizations don't allow it. The downside of the second option is that it requires using transaction code SE38 which most users don't have access to. I did a quick BAPI search but couldn't find anything for MRP areas. 


    Maria Ebner
    Precisely Software Inc.