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  • 1.  Meaning of icons in the dialog for selecting tables from Oracle spatial

    Posted 11-16-2023 19:00

    Hello all,

    I want to know the meaning of the icons in the dialog box for selecting tables from a schema in Oracle Spatial.

    After choosing a schema, the tables are shown with a check box next to each table name. Also next to the name is a little icon which I think represents the type of geometry in the table. For exampleLooks like this is a table of points, and

    Looks like this is a table of lines

    Is probably a non-mappable table

    I'm not sure about this one?

    One thing I really want to clarify is, does it use the "point" icon for a table that only contains points, or does the definition of the oracle spatial table itself mean that the oracle spatial table can only hold point geometries?

    Nick Lawrence
    Senior Spatial Science Officer
    TMR-Policy and Planning
    Brisbane QLD

  • 2.  RE: Meaning of icons in the dialog for selecting tables from Oracle spatial

    Posted 11-17-2023 01:11

    Hi Nick

    You are spot on. The icons refer to the geometry types in each table.

    This information comes from the MapInfo_MapCatalog where the decimal in the Spatial Type column gives this detail:

    • 0 - points only
    • 1 – lines
    • 2 - regions
    • 3 - all geometries
    • 4 – text

    The SpatialType for Oracle Points would be 13.0 as 13 refers to Oracle Spatial Geometry.

    You can find these numbers in the MapInfo Pro User Guide in the chapter Manually Creating a MapInfo_MapCatalog. For v2021, the chapter is on page 1444.

    The icon for the table MV_AADT refers to all geometries or mixed geometries.

    MapInfo Pro nor Oracle will prevent you from inserting objects of a different type than the specified SpatialType.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
    Precisely | Trust in Data