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  • 1.  MapInfo Pro functionality matrix

    Posted 08-04-2022 07:03
    Hi Everyone,

    Do we have functionality matrix available or documented for MapInfo Pro product like ArcMap product has, This will help us in knowing all the features MapInfo Pro contains with respect to license purchased or plan to purchase by our customer.

    Kindly provide any document related to functionality matrix of MapInfo Pro.

    For your kind perusal providing the link related to ArcMap functionality matrix.

    ArcGIS 10.7 Desktop ArcMap Functionality Matrix (

    Sarat Chandra
    Lepton Software Export and Research Pvt. Ltd (VAR)

  • 2.  RE: MapInfo Pro functionality matrix
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    Posted 08-06-2022 21:30
    Edited by Sarar Bokka 08-08-2022 01:34
    Hi Sarar

    I have been in the GIS Industry for 30+ years and have often been required to create a functionality matrix for MapInfo (and mostly to compare it to ESRI). Someone (including Precisely) may provide you with a functionality matrix, but can I offer a word of advice.

    In my opinion, ESRI's functionality matrices are a marketing exercise by ESRI and are structured in such a way that ESRI will always "win". My advice is get to know your customer and what they want and then see what each software can deliver.

    Also, don't just look at the functions, look at the peripheral but important factors such as licensing, where the data will be stored (eg SQL Server) and the level of integration with disparate systems. The latter factors are where ESRI can cost and where they up sell (eg having the data stored in SQL Server will cost with ESRI, where is doesn't with MapInfo)

    Rob Rowell
    Hobart TAS

  • 3.  RE: MapInfo Pro functionality matrix

    Posted 08-08-2022 01:38
    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for you reply, shall be looking into the options suggested from your side.


    Sarar Bokka
    Lepton Software Export and Research Pvt. Ltd (VAR)

  • 4.  RE: MapInfo Pro functionality matrix

    Posted 08-08-2022 02:26
    Hi Sarar

    I agree with Rob's reply above.

    And looking at that matrix from ESRI I got a bit puzzled and confused. But I guess that's because I'm not familiar with all the different products and add-on that ESRI offer.

    For MapInfo Pro, we try to keep things more clear. These days with MapInfo Pro Subscription, there are only two versions of MapInfo Pro, and the only one you want to sell is MapInfo Pro which includes the Advanced/Raster capabilities.

    Early we had two versions: MapInfo Pro and MapInfo Pro Advanced. Here's an old article going through the differences between the two. Comparing MapInfo Pro with MapInfo Pro Advanced.

    Oh, and the last version of MapInfo Pro available is MapInfo Pro Viewer, the free version of MapInfo Pro that allows you to open tables and workspaces but doesn't allow you to edit data.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
    Precisely | Trust in Data